Mountain Biking in La Plagne

In the summer months the Paradiski region of France takes on a completely different scene, the crystal white ski slopes give way to lush green trails and mountain biking is rife. Within Paradiski there are numerous mountain biking areas. Here we look at mountain biking in La Plagne.

Over the last 5 years, La Plagne has worked hard to create a reputation for world-class mountain biking. La Plagne is a fantastic holiday spot for anyone interested in mountain biking with over 200km of dedicated mountain bike trails. These winding trails are comprised of 18 different routes some of which can run for up to 22km. Probably the most spectacular of these sees you descend from the summit of the Roche de Mio at a height of 2700m all the way down into the villages of Monchavin and Les Coches which sit at 1250m. Overall there are a total of 8 downhill trails, 6 endro as well as 4 cross -country trails.

So now you may be thinking wow that 1450m descent sounds amazing but the trail up sounds near impossible! Don’t worry, during the summer months there are a number of ski lifts open to mountain bikers.

The following lifts are open to bikers during the summer:

• Télésiège de la Roche
• Télécabine de la Roche de Mio
• Funiplagne Grande Rochette
• Télésiège de Montchavin
• Télésiège de Plan Bois
• Télésiège de Montalbert
• Télésiège du Fornelet
• Télécabine de Champagny
• Vanoise Express

If you are planning to stay in some of the beautiful La Plagne chalets during your holiday, Les Coches and Montchavin are fantastic bases for mountain biking as they offer access to all of La Plagne’s biking trails but also, via the Vanoise Express, the 93 km of runs in Les Arcs.

Monchavin and Montalbert are areas of La Plagne with 3 enduro trails each. It’s easier to access these trails by using the Télécabine de Champagny as the cable car will take you to the start of 3 tracks that wind down through the Piste des Bois to Champagny. You can either head down towards the Col de Forcle or Mont de la Guerre. There are also a few beautiful trails alongside the Doron river, these can range from nice relaxing easy rides to challenging those who enjoy a little white knuckle rides. Montchavin also has a new bike “fun park” that is open to everyone.

Shipping Tips Every Dirt Bike Owner Should Know

Owning a dirt bike is more than just a quixotic desire for those denizens of society whose arteries are filled Epinephrine (adrenaline junkies to you and I). But, one of the bottlenecks that can stifle the realization of that fantasy bike possession is the very act of shipping that bike, and more specifically, shipping the bike economically.

Now, dirt Bikes can be shipped across the US by utilizing a cornucopia of transportation possibilities found across the country. There are, indeed, numerous firms which offer dedicated dirt bike shipping. Shipping bikes is facile, uncomplicated and affordable using these motorbike shipping companies. You can also utilize these motorbike haulers for shipping dirt bikes or even high end luxury Yamaha bikes.

One of the chief concerns of any proud dirt bike owner will be the safety of the merchandise en route. When making the decision regarding the dirt bike transportation service, you can opt for either a generic open trailer or, perhaps more wisely, choose a covered trailer. The majority of dirt bike shipping is performed utilizing enclosed trailers. dirt bike are effortlessly harmed by the corrosive and unforgiving elements, as a consequence, the enclosed dirt bike transports trailers are a superior choice. Many dirt bikes can be conveniently fit on one 18 wheeler trailer, so numerous shipments can make the voyage simultaneously. Your bike can also be made safeguarded from theft or loss if shipped within an enclosed trailer.

Although an enclosed bike transport trailer is a wise choice in most cases, there are a, not irrelevant fraction of instances when an open trailer is the superior option for dirt bike shipping. If the bike that is being shipped is trekking a short distance-less than a few hundred miles-then it can be safely shipped on an open bike shipping trailer. Because the bike is transported in one trip, damage from the elements or possibility of theft is minimized. For the scenario that you are on a tight schedule, it may be easier to find a hauler with an open transport trailer for your bike.

While on a shipping trip a dirt bike is not covered by your personal policy. Damage or loss must thus be protected by coverage from your bike shipping company offering a minimum amount of insurance. A copy of their insurance certificate can easily verify their coverage offer. A background-check regarding their provided information with their insurance company or with the Department of Transportation is all that is required to be given that additional peace of mind.

It is necessary to remember that this cargo protection insurance, although required by law, will possibly not cover the full value of your bike. So, it is important to ascertain the kinds of damages covered by the policy, the coverage limit and the specialty items or accessories that are also included. Additional insurance coverage during transport is a must in case the motor bike is valuable. Your bike shipping company should ideally supply this coverage or send you to a third-party insurance company.

Although it is improbable, bike shipping sometimes do result in damage before its arrival. In such case, all damages must be recorded on the “Bill of Lading” and the transporter must sign a copy. The acceptance of the motorcycle should not be refused unless the bike has become completely unusable due to the damages.

The claim must be filed and collected following the instructions of the motorcycle shipping company. A patient outlook right from the beginning allows for a smooth claim collection. Usually the shipping company is only interested to quickly resolve your problem, and it is in your interest to help them do that. In case you require any help, the Better Business Bureau or the Department of Transportation can surely provide it for you.

Biking in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Biking is not only good physical activity for the heart and overall health, it can also be quite fun! Biking offers riders the option to take in the sights and sounds that Albuquerque, New Mexico has to offer. Take a trip to Albuquerque, set up camp at one of the many hotels in Albuquerque New Mexico, grab your bike and take a ride across the city. Albuquerque has one of the most scenic bike trails in the country and any and all bikers will enjoy the trails offered by this magnificent city. Looking for something to do while staying at one of the many Albuquerque hotels located conveniently within the city, why not take a second look at biking.

Rated by Sunset Magazine as one of the best bike trails in the United States, the Paseo Del Bosque trails offers one of the most magnificent scenic views of the city. After checking in at an Albuquerque hotel, grab your bike and head down to the Paseo Del Bosque bike trail. Also highlighted by National Geographic Adventure Magazine as one of the best bike trails, this multi use trail will have any biker, from novice to expert, enjoying a nice afternoon out. The trail runs through the metro area of the Rio Grande’s cottonwood forest. Some highlights include:

16 miles of multi-use trails

Scenic views of the Tingley Beach, Central Avenue, and numerous other locations!

A spectacular tour of the Rio Grande Valley State Park

A chance to ride through the Rio Grande Nature Center

And much more!

Aside from the numerous bike trails surrounding the Albuquerque hotels, there are also many open space trails available to bikers. These unique and open bike trails range in level from easy to difficult, and are found in various different types of environments and altitudes. For a more convenient look at the various difficulty levels each trails possess, here is a breakdown of the three different levels:


The Albuquerque Bosque offers a smooth, easy ride for bikers ranging from novices to experts. The Paseo del Bosque can also be found in the open space lands and offers a spectacular view of the varying terrain the city possesses. The trail is approximately 15 miles one way and offers public parking. The Albuquerque Bosque is also located nearby a conveniently placed Albuquerque hotel.


A more moderately difficult bike ride can be found at Petroglyph National Monument Volcanoes Park trail. This slightly more difficult bike trail begins near the public parking lot and offers several different routes for your viewing convenience. Entrance to the park is free with hours ranging from 9am-5pm, seven days a week.


The Sandia Foothills bike trail is by far the difficult of the three bike trails. Located near numerous hotels in Albuquerque New Mexico, the trail runs from the Copper trailhead to the Elena Gallegos picnic area. The trail’s difficulty stems from the mountain inclines and barren desert surroundings and is accessible through Elena Gallegos picnic area.

The Spare Tire Mount Bike Rack Compared to the Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Does the spare tire interfere with hitch racks and should you just opt for a spare tire mount bike rack instead of the hitch mount? Is the tire mount any good and why choose it instead of the hitch mount bike rack?

First take note of how the back of your vehicle opens. If you have a hatch back, then you can get a hitch mount model which swings away, but you might have to unload the bikes first to get it open fully.

The Hitch Mount Rack

If you have a side opening door, very often you will have a spare tire thrown in there too. The hitch racks usually don’t interfere with it, but you can’t open the door completely unless you remove the hinge pin to tilt the rack down (not difficult, but not something you want to do every time you open the hatch either). The main thing is that you can open the door enough to get things in and out.

Note that if you are going to keep the hitch mount rack on full time, you lose the back-up sensor because they set them off. Just remember to put them off when you using the carrier.

The Spare Tire Carrier

Some people are concerned about the weight of the bikes, plus a rack, in addition to the loaded bicycles. But, usually carrying up to 2 bikes will be okay. If you have triangular frames, then the tire mount is the way to go. They load with easy and fix firmly to the wheel.

Some spare tires are not normal sizes. Make sure your spare tire fits the dimensions of the rack.

Some racks in this range are the bungee cord type and others the wheel clamp type. The preference is usually to do with stability and how much time you want to spend securing the bikes.

I do a lot of off-road driving so was worried about the hitch scrapping the ground and taking the rack off too.