A Dirt Bike Trailer

The dirt bike has long been an excellent form of recreation and off-road travel. Due to the desire to ride these vehicles, as well as motorcycles, specialized trailers were designed to haul them back and forth. The design of these trailers makes it so the dirt bikes will not slide around or turn over in transit like they would on a normal flat-bed trailer.

A dirt bike trailer may be of two primary designs. These designs are open and closed. An open bike trailer is one that has covering. It is open to the air. A closed trailer design is one that encloses the bike to protect it from the elements. Beyond these primary designs there are variations that occur with each type. These variations are primarily in size. A bike trailer might be wide with a side-by-side design so that they can carry two or more motorcycles on the same trailer. A bike trailer might be narrow and designed for only one dirt bike as well.

The main features of a trailer designed to haul such bikes or motorcycles are the tracks installed that will keep the wheels of the vehicle from sliding around as well as proper tie-down points for the dirt bike so that it will not tip over. These trailers also either come with ramps or they may tilt to allow for the easy loading and unloading of a dirt bike.

While open trailers are a fairly common occurrence enclosed ones are a little more rare. This is due primarily to the greater expense of purchasing and operating such a trailer. An enclosed trailer tends to cost more than an open one. It will typically cause greater wind drag lowering the fuel efficiency of the towing vehicle. These types of trailers also happen to be heavier and this also effects fuel efficiency. However, enclosed trailers have several factors in their favor that make them superior to open trailers. These types of trailers protect the dirt bike from the elements, prying eyes, and anyone with sticky fingers. An enclosed trailer can typically be locked so that securing the bike without fear of theft will make long road trips with frequent stops less of a concern. It should be further noted that a trailer specifically designed with motorcycles and dirt-bikes in mind might even be built low enough to the ground that it doesn’t significantly increase wind resistance thus negating some of the expense.

There are also collapsible or folding trailers that are available. These typically are used to overcome storage problems as they are sufficiently compact and allow their owner to haul a trailer in a trunk of a car when not in use.