Five Important Tips on How You Can Sell Pit Bike Parts the Unique Way

There are people out there who own pit bikes that are searching for affordable pit bike parts for their motorbikes. If you plan on putting up your shop to sell these parts, read through some of the necessary steps to take in selling pit bike parts, accessories and other bike products.

One: Finding a suitable location for your store or shop is very crucial. Remember that business is all about the location. Find a spot near other shops that also distribute and sell these parts. Never mind the competition with the other shops. You should focus on what you can offer for your customers that other shops cannot provide. Sure they have been around before you, but if you have unique services to offer your clients, it would be a huge advantage on your part.

Two: Advertise and promote your establishment among the bike racing community. Pass out flyers and publish television commercials about your store and make sure to emphasize on your unique offers. It would be best to promote and advertise before your store opens so that potential customers will anticipate your opening. Flyers that contain coupons for a free one-day service or a discount on certain pit bike parts would be very appealing to customers.

Three: Contacting manufacturers and retailers where you can purchase the best pit bike parts. You can conduct a canvas for bike parts and accessories which are inexpensive so that when you sell them, you only have to raise the price a little. This will allow your customers to recognize your store as one of those that sell affordable parts. However, it is essential that you ensure that all products purchased are authentic and durable. There are many pit bike parts and accessories out in the market today that are substandard that is why it does not last. You have to inspect the parts before you display or sell them. Giving your costumers a warranty must also be considered so that they can return any damaged item and have it replaced for certain time duration.

Four: Store opening day is the most important day of your establishment. This will determine how well you handle your customers and how unique your store is compared to others. Offer something new for your customers like providing free service and parts installation every time they purchase an item in your store. You can also have a fast-food chain or a coffee shop where your customers can relax while they wait to be served. Actually, your options are endless. You only have to think of an idea that is 100% original which you can provide or offer your paying customers. At the end of the day, your satisfied customers will be your frequent clients who can make more room for referrals.

Five: If you become successful, your business can grow and you will be given the opportunity to sell your pit bike parts by their retail prices. This way, other stores and shops can now order these bike parts and accessories direct from your store. Afterwards, you can already plan on opening another store branch.

A Dirt Bike Trailer

The dirt bike has long been an excellent form of recreation and off-road travel. Due to the desire to ride these vehicles, as well as motorcycles, specialized trailers were designed to haul them back and forth. The design of these trailers makes it so the dirt bikes will not slide around or turn over in transit like they would on a normal flat-bed trailer.

A dirt bike trailer may be of two primary designs. These designs are open and closed. An open bike trailer is one that has covering. It is open to the air. A closed trailer design is one that encloses the bike to protect it from the elements. Beyond these primary designs there are variations that occur with each type. These variations are primarily in size. A bike trailer might be wide with a side-by-side design so that they can carry two or more motorcycles on the same trailer. A bike trailer might be narrow and designed for only one dirt bike as well.

The main features of a trailer designed to haul such bikes or motorcycles are the tracks installed that will keep the wheels of the vehicle from sliding around as well as proper tie-down points for the dirt bike so that it will not tip over. These trailers also either come with ramps or they may tilt to allow for the easy loading and unloading of a dirt bike.

While open trailers are a fairly common occurrence enclosed ones are a little more rare. This is due primarily to the greater expense of purchasing and operating such a trailer. An enclosed trailer tends to cost more than an open one. It will typically cause greater wind drag lowering the fuel efficiency of the towing vehicle. These types of trailers also happen to be heavier and this also effects fuel efficiency. However, enclosed trailers have several factors in their favor that make them superior to open trailers. These types of trailers protect the dirt bike from the elements, prying eyes, and anyone with sticky fingers. An enclosed trailer can typically be locked so that securing the bike without fear of theft will make long road trips with frequent stops less of a concern. It should be further noted that a trailer specifically designed with motorcycles and dirt-bikes in mind might even be built low enough to the ground that it doesn’t significantly increase wind resistance thus negating some of the expense.

There are also collapsible or folding trailers that are available. These typically are used to overcome storage problems as they are sufficiently compact and allow their owner to haul a trailer in a trunk of a car when not in use.

Why So Many People Ride Bikes

Why do so many people ride bikes? That’s a question easily answered by those that ride, yet difficult to comprehend for those that don’t. Like any form of exercise, you must actively participate in the sport to feel the benefits. Come along for the ride as I take you through what it’s like to ride a bike from start to finish.

You put on your helmet, and click the strap lock closed. The sky outside is sunny, and it’s already mid way into a warm summer morning. You grab the handlebars of your bike, and meander it from the living room of your cool, air conditioned apartment, to the door. Patting your pockets to make sure you have your keys and your phone, you turn off the lights, say bye to your cats, open and close the door behind you.

As you carry your bike down the hallway stairs, you are thinking about the direction you want to ride when you open the door to the street. The heat, hot desert sun, warm breeze, and friendly faces that are walking by greet you with a warm embrace. The bike you’re riding is a fixed gear bike, so you lift the back wheel to position the pedals properly. After leaning the bike towards you and swinging your legs over, you mount up and begin to ride.

The sidewalk has scattered bumps, and as you weave through the people walking, you hear the birds signing. The wind blows through your hair and you instinctively take a deep breath. You’re the type that likes to go fast, so naturally you push harder. As you round a corner and avoid traffic, the road opens up to you. You begin to get the feeling like you’re flying. Just a simple effort of your legs pushes you fast through the warm summer air. “Today,” you think, “I want to do the 20 mile colt ride.” You’ve done this one before, and it felt so amazing when you’re finished. Today feels like a good day, and you’re ready to take on the challenge once again.

You make a quick right turn onto the bike path, and start pushing hard. The breeze gets stronger as you ride faster. All you can hear now is air whizzing by your ears, and the occasional car as it drives by. You think to yourself, “what a beautiful day today.” You begin to breathe harder the more you pedal. You remember this feeling from the last time you did the ride. Your competitive spirit kicks in making you want to push even harder to beat your previous time.

As you pedal harder, your pedals turn faster. You get to a point where you begin to go downhill for a while, and you lift your feet up and rest them onto the down tube of your frame to take a break. Your bike goes fast, and your pedals keep turning as you rest and take in the scene. Once the path evens out, and you slow down a bit, you carefully put your feet back on the wide pedals, and keep pushing. You pass a family riding their bikes and smile as you see their kids in a rear trailer. “What a great thing to do with kids.” You wonder. You’ve officially decided that this is the best day of your life, and you are exactly where you want to be. It’s a Sunday, beautiful people are out, and you’re right in the mix of it enjoying yourself and the gift of cycling.

As you round the coffee house, you make a quick stop. Every fun ride should end with a cold cup of iced coffee. You get your cup, and take a seat outside under the umbrella. Reading a book from your phone, you feel even more excited to do more with your life, and you text your mom that you love her.

The ride back home is easy going. It’s even a little downhill. This kind of ride leaves you sweaty, full of deep breaths, and your legs feel pumped. Now it’s time for a warm shower and some lunch. The day has just begun.

And your day has just begun too. Get out on your bike, before you lose the feeling of this story. Grasp the moment and enjoy the present while you have it. Smile, laugh, say what you’re grateful for, and feel good. This is just the beginning.

How to Keep Your Bike Safe From Thieves

Here are a few simple tips that you can follow to keep your bicycle from getting stolen.

1.) Invest in a good lock

Sadly the fact remains that no bicycle lock is totally fool proof. But the good news is that higher quality locks are definitely harder to break. Considering this, make sure you get a high quality lock for your bicycle. The types of locks in the market range from D or U locks, to cable locks to locking nuts and many others. As a rule of the thumb spend around 15% to 20% of your bike’s cost on locks. You can also consider using a combination of different locks together for better security.

2.) Never leave your bike in a secluded area

As far as possible, leave your bike in a public area and not a secluded place where no one can see a thief trying to steal it. Even if it means you will have to walk a bit more to reach your destination, try and find a place with lots of people

3.) Lock your bike to something solid

Make sure that your bicycle is secured to an immovable object. Cycle anchors or railings are the best. Sometimes things that look solid are actually not, so double check to ensure that the anchor is strong enough and not brittle.

4.) Lock your bike to a post that is long enough

If you lock your bike to a post that is less than 4m in height, thieves will not have any difficulty simply lifting the bike off the top. So always ensure that the post you lock your bike to has sufficient height.

5.) Lock it tight

No matter what lock you are using to secure your bike, make it a point to lock it tight. Leave no space between the bike and the object it is locked to. This will make it all the more difficult for the thief to lever the lock open. Another important point that you got to keep in mind is to invert the keyhole so it is pointing down. This will ensure that the thief is not able to pour it with corrosive fluid and break it open.

6.) Take care of removable accessories

If possible always remove accessories like lights. Make sure that your bike seat is fixed to your bike with locking nuts.

7.) Register your bike

Registering your bike is a great way to ensure that the police are able to trace and identify your bike in-case it gets stolen. There are many websites run by the police where you can get your bike registered. All you need to do is take a picture of your bike and note down details like your bike’s model, color and frame number.

So follow these simple tips and keep your bike safe! Happy biking!