The Joy of Mountain Bikes

In the nineteen-seventies, there was a book released that was given a name that was very similar to the title of this article, but it wasn’t about mountain bikes – of that we can be certain.

However, there’s one thing of which I can be even more certain – and that is the joy of mountain bikes is by far a more superior experience. You see, there is absolutely nothing to compare to the joys of riding a bike across difficult terrain through stunning scenery – without doubt, it is one of the greatest activities on earth.

I appreciate the joy of mountain bikes so much that in the past year alone, I have updated nearly every part of my kit, from the bike frames to the gearset, the saddle to the handlebars. And that’s not forgetting to mention the mountain bike accessories that every enthusiast of this most supreme of outdoor activities will tell you is the most fun.

There are specialist biking helmets to wear, body protection if you feel you require it and then of course there are clever and ingenious designs of water bottles to choose from. Bikes aren’t simply just about pushing pedals – there’s a plethora of paraphernalia that surrounds the sport.

For many, the best and most exciting part of mountain bikes is the ability to sample the delights of the open countryside, whilst being able to explore the enormous open variety of trails that journey through forest, mountain and open meadows.

It’s hard to instill one’s feelings about something when the subject that you’re discussing gives such pleasure and delight. Sometimes others simply don’t share the same passion that you do. However, all I can tell you is how much I enjoy bike riding, and I urge you, if you haven’t already, to get out there and give it a go!