The Spare Tire Mount Bike Rack Compared to the Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Does the spare tire interfere with hitch racks and should you just opt for a spare tire mount bike rack instead of the hitch mount? Is the tire mount any good and why choose it instead of the hitch mount bike rack?

First take note of how the back of your vehicle opens. If you have a hatch back, then you can get a hitch mount model which swings away, but you might have to unload the bikes first to get it open fully.

The Hitch Mount Rack

If you have a side opening door, very often you will have a spare tire thrown in there too. The hitch racks usually don’t interfere with it, but you can’t open the door completely unless you remove the hinge pin to tilt the rack down (not difficult, but not something you want to do every time you open the hatch either). The main thing is that you can open the door enough to get things in and out.

Note that if you are going to keep the hitch mount rack on full time, you lose the back-up sensor because they set them off. Just remember to put them off when you using the carrier.

The Spare Tire Carrier

Some people are concerned about the weight of the bikes, plus a rack, in addition to the loaded bicycles. But, usually carrying up to 2 bikes will be okay. If you have triangular frames, then the tire mount is the way to go. They load with easy and fix firmly to the wheel.

Some spare tires are not normal sizes. Make sure your spare tire fits the dimensions of the rack.

Some racks in this range are the bungee cord type and others the wheel clamp type. The preference is usually to do with stability and how much time you want to spend securing the bikes.

I do a lot of off-road driving so was worried about the hitch scrapping the ground and taking the rack off too.